7 Reasons to Invest in Tire Service Training

If you were a restaurant owner, would you put an employee in the kitchen without any training?  Or an untrained server on the floor to wait on customers?  Of course not.  Why?  Because that employee in the kitchen could easily get cut, burned or worse. And what if that untrained employee did something that made your customers sick? Those dissatisfied customers will probably never return to your restaurant and tell others about their less-than-wonderful experience either through word-of-mouth or even worse, a negative online review.

So as a tire dealer, why would you allow employees to work without proper training?  Although TIA has trained over 88,000 tire service technicians since 1997, there are still thousands of untrained technicians on the job every single day. And that is just an accident, lawsuit, or dissatisfied customer waiting to happen. 

So we’ve compiled a list of 7 reasons (although there are many more) of why you should invest in TIA training.

Reason #1: Training Reduces Injuries

Statistics show that employees face a real risk of incurring serious injuries or possible death as a result of improper tire service practices. It doesn’t matter how long your personnel have been servicing tires – accidents happen. In fact… experienced individuals are more likely to sustain injuries when they are in a hurry or distracted. Why wait for tragedy to strike before taking steps to prevent it?

Reason #2: Training Improves Employee Morale

Certified tire service personnel take pride in their work and profession.  By offering training and certification to your employees, it shows them that you are making an investment in their career and their safety.

Reason #3: Training Reduces Turnover

Trained employees tend to be more satisfied on the job and improved job satisfaction means reduced employee turnover.

Reason #4: Training Reduces Liability

Untrained employees are accidents waiting to happen and leave your insurance company without a defense.  You’ll reduce your liability and possibly the cost of your liability and workers compensation insurance by investing in training programs because your business is defendable.

Reason #5: Improved Customer Satisfaction

By servicing tires and wheels properly, the number of service-related failures will decrease and you’ll improve customer satisfaction by providing a higher level of service.

Reason #6: Your Competition Has Trained Employees

In 2013 alone, TIA trained over 8,000 tire service technicians.  That means some of your competitors are already training their employees and getting a competitive edge.  

Reason #7: Training Saves Lives

When we look at the big picture, an educated workforce in the tire industry reduces the number of wheel-offs and tire-related accidents and therefore makes our roadways safer for the motoring public. That really should be #1, but in this case we save the best for last.  Be safe.

Convinced?  Get started with TIA Training today.