Leverage Social Media to Improve Your Bottom Line
By Lindsay Roth, Net Driven | Posted at 04/01/2014 10:26 AM
Boost Your Web Presence through Social Media The right website showcases your business’s products and services while providing the right tools to help a website visitor make an educated purchase decision. But a website is merely an extension of your web presence.  Perhaps the biggest Internet marketing faux pas tire dealers and independent automotive businesses make is not actively trying to reach customers through other channels available through the Internet, and even worse, not actively...
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Call Tracking for the Tire Industry: Your Questions Answered
By McKay Allen, Guest Blogger | Posted at 03/14/2014 07:18 AM
An increasing number of tire dealers use call tracking to analyze the effectiveness of their marketing and to provide inexpensive call recording. Call tracking is becoming pervasive in the tire industry. In fact, we work with companies in the industry ranging from several hundred locations to 1 location. Regardless of your size, call tracking, call recording, and call analytics can help you make more money. And every week we receive questions from tire dealers about call tracking. These are the...
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7 Reasons to Invest in Tire Service Training
By Tire Industry Association | Posted at 02/12/2014 16:05 PM
If you were a restaurant owner, would you put an employee in the kitchen without any training?  Or an untrained server on the floor to wait on customers?  Of course not.  Why?  Because that employee in the kitchen could easily get cut, burned or worse. And what if that untrained employee did something that made your customers sick? Those dissatisfied customers will probably never return to your restaurant and tell others about their less-than-wonderful experience either through word-of-mouth or...
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