Commercial Tire Service CTS-400 Instructor Training and Certification

Commercial Tire Service CTS-400 Instructor Training and Certification

TIA has three (400 Level) CTS Instructor class dates remaining in 2022 including: 

The tuition fee is $950.00 per student and does not include hotel accommodations. Please see registration form for details regarding host hotel. Students are responsible for making their own hotel reservations.

Companies that wish to take technician training to the highest level can participate in the 400 Level Certified Commercial Tire Service (CTS) Instructor Classes that TIA offers throughout the year. This 4-day class covers all aspects of medium/heavy truck tire service, and also teaches the attendees how to instruct a 300 Level Certified Technician Course in the field. Following is a list of the 18 Modules that make the Certified CTS Program:

  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: Tires
  • Module 3: Rims, Wheels & Hubs
  • Module 4: OSHA Regulations
  • Module 5: Road Service Safety
  • Module 6: Jacking & Lifting, Lock-Out/Tag-Out
  • Module 7: Wheel End Safety
  • Module 8: RIST
  • Module 9: Hub-Pilot Service
  • Module 10: Stud-Pilot Service
  • Module 11: Demountable Rim Service
  • Module 12: Single Piece Demount & Mount
  • Module 13: Single Piece Inflation
  • Module 14: Multi-Piece Demount & Mount
  • Module 15: Multi-Piece Inflation
  • Module 16: Balance & Run-Out
  • Module 17: Repair
  • Module 18: Charts & Tables

Classes begin at 1:00 pm EST on the first day. However, if the attendee has less than 2 years of experience servicing truck tires, you can sign up for the early session on Tuesday. From 8:00 am – Noon students will physically mount and demount a tire, as well as install and remove a wheel assembly from the truck using impact and torque wrenches. There is no additional charge for this session.

Within a week of registering, you will receive an email confirmation from TIA.