Find a Certified Tire Dealer

In order to search and locate TIA Member tire dealers, simply enter a specific address, city, or zip/postal code near you. Choose Automotive or Commercial and select the distance you want it to search. The results will list TIA Member dealers that meet your search criteria, and those with a red patch next to their listing employ TIA Certified Technicians. You will also see a map with the locations pinpointed - those in red are the dealers with TIA Certified Technicians.

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Example: "1501 Clinton St, Baltimore, MD" or "Tyler, TX" or "90210"

Why should I use TIA Certified Technicians to service my vehicle?

  • They have the knowledge and skills to properly service your tires and wheels which keep you and your family safe on the road!
  • They are kept abreast of the latest technologies, techniques and equipment for servicing tires and wheels.
  • They are aware of the latest developments for maximizing performance and value for tires and wheels.