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TIA's Pre-Show Events during Global Tire Expo / SEMA Show


The Global Tire Expo - Powered by TIA at the SEMA Show is targeted to all segments of the tire industry, serves the unique needs of tire dealers and the tire business community. Networking, social events, educational sessions and an incredible trade show are all part of this opportunity-packed week in Las Vegas.

The 2018 TIA Pre-Show events and hotel registration is now available online! Please find the registration form and link to the hotel reservation below.

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TIA Pre-Show Events

TIA's pre-show events are designed to welcome all TIA members and GTE attendees to the upcoming Global Tire Expo/SEMA Show. The events include networking, socializing, and a special awards ceremony to highlight professionals in the tire industry who have been influential in their career and life.

  • 12:00pm - 12:30pm  Annual Membership Meeting (open to all members)
  • 5:00pm - 6:00pm   Cocktial Hour (open to all members)
  • 6:00pm - 8:00pm   Tire Industry Honors Awards Ceremony (ticketed event - open to all members and show attendees)
  • 8:00pm - 10:00pm Welcome Reception (ticketed event - open to all members and show attendees)



Hotel Information

TIA's host hotels include; Bally's Las Vegas Hotel and Paris Las Vegas Hotel. All pre-show events will take place at Paris Las Vegas Hotel. 

Bally’s Las Vegas: For over 25 years Bally’s has been described as inviting and timeless, offering 175,000 square feet of meeting space and 2,814 guest rooms with direct access to Paris Las Vegas. With its prime location on the famous Four Corners of the Las Vegas Strip, Bally’s offers an array of entertainment and dining options. The property includes an oversized outdoor pool on the deck, eight tennis courts, a salon and spa, and a fitness center. Paris Las Vegas: With its classic European ambiance, Paris offers 2,916 guest rooms and 140,000 square feet of meeting space. The property includes a two-acre rooftop pool that overlooks the Eiffel Tower and several dining options. All Ceasers Entertainment properties adhere to environmentally friendly practices with numerous awards and certifications.


  • Saturday, October 27th - Saturday November 3 = $174.00


  • Saturday, October 27th = $203.00
  • Sunday, October 28th - Monday, October 29th = $185.00
  • Tuesday, October 30th - Thursday, November 1st = $211.00
  • Friday, Novembe 2nd - Saturday, November 3rd = $203.00

Register Here - TIA's Educational Sessions


TPMS at 10: Understanding Original Equipment TPMS - 10:00 am - 11:00 am
(Location: South Hall - S115)

Original equipment (OE) TPMS continues to evolve as the new car manufacturers find ways to improve technology and performance. This session will focus on various OE manufacturers and how the TPMS sensors communicate with the vehicle. It will identify some of the necessary procedures and guidelines for maintaining the TPMS and the steps that technicians must take to ensure it functions properly. 

Presenters: Mark J Becker, Assistant General Manager, Pacific Manufacturing Ohio Inc.; Sean Lannoo, Sales Technical Training Specialist, Continental Corporation; W Devon Rippetoe, Senior Technical Service & Training Representative, Sensata/Schrader Performance Sensors

Moderator: Matthew White, Director of Tire Service, Tire Industry Association


Truck Tires at 10: Wheel Torque for Trucks and Trailers - 10:00 am - 11:00 am
(Location: South Hall - S106)

When the wheels become detached from a commercial motor vehicle during operation, the end result can be expensive and dangerous. In most cases, a "wheel-off" can be prevented by following the RIST procedure. This session will outline the steps of the RIST procedure and include an in-depth overview of the various tools and equipment that can be used to deliver the final torque when installing the fasteners. 

Presenters: Kevin Rohlwing, Senior Vice President of Training, Tire Industry Association; Joseph Heath, Technical Manager, Tire Industry Association


Tires at 2: Successful Tire Dealers Share Their Secrets - 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
(Location: South Hall - S115)

Winning a national award from an industry trade publication is an honor that is always well-deserved. The criteria to be a candidate requires a higher level of excellence, so winning truly represents the best that the tire industry has to offer. We've invited the Modern Tire Dealer Tire Dealer of the Year, the Tire Business Humanitarian Award winner, and the Tire Review Top Shop to make brief presentations on what makes them successful and then participate in an informative question and answer session with the audience. 

Moderator: Kevin Rohlwing, Senior Vice President of Training, Tire Industry Association; Joe Casebere, Technical General Manager, REMA Tip Top



ATS at 10: Puncture Repair Facts - 10:00 am - 11:00 am
(Location: South Hall - S115)

When a foreign object penetrates the inside of a pneumatic tire, it's going to leak. Before the resulting flat tire can be repaired, there are a number of factors that must be considered including size, location, and the angle of penetration. Puncture repairs are performed by the thousands every day but only a certain percentage of them follow the industry recommended guidelines and procedures. This session will outline the repair limits for punctures in passenger and light truck tires and provide an overview of the step-by-step procedures that are necessary to properly repair a tire. 

Presenters: Tim BeVier, Manager National Account Development, Tech International; Robbie Bushnell, Vice President of Tire Repair Products, 31 Inc.; Jason Donahey, Sales Manager, Patch Rubber Company; Adam Tillery, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, REMA Tip Top

Moderator: Matthew White, Director of Tire Service, Tire Industry Association


Truck Tires at 10: Preventing Irregular Treadwear - 10:00 am - 11:00 am
(Location: South Hall - S106)

Next to fuel, tires are the second leading operating expense for a fleet. As a result, every trucking company wants to get as many miles as possible out of every new tire and subsequent retread. When everything is right, the average radial truck tire can deliver more than 100,000 miles of service in most applications. When something is wrong, irregular wear can cause a tire to be removed from service in less than half that time. This session will identify the most common types of irregular treadwear and provide the correction actions that must take place in order to avoid them.

Presenters: Kevin Rohlwing, Senior Vice President of Training, Tire Industry Association; Joseph Heath, Technical Manager, Tire Industry Association


TIA's 2018 Legislative Review: How New Laws and Regulations Will Impact the Tire Industry; and the potential impact of Midterm Elections - 12:00 pm - 1:00pm
(Location: South Hall - S106)

Republicans have controlled the Federal Government for almost two years. The President thus far has cut regulations, boosted energy exploration, adopted a far more aggressive trade-enforcement posture, and passed a robust tax bill. What do these mean for the tire industry and how will we be impacted by the midterm elections? Find out the upcoming issues that will positively and negatively impact your business.

The review will look specifically at issues such as tire registration, recall of estate tax, tariffs on steel, and the impact the midterm elections could have on the tire industry. TIA will distribute legislative materials, answer questions, and provide an overview of the legislative climate moving forward. TIA members have to stay informed and get involved with issues that will affect their bottom line. 

We will also update the status of other pending issues and legislation including infrastructure proposals aimed at the tire industry, any potential changes to tax reform, LIFO repeal, Marketplace Fairness (internet sales), IRS audits, used tire sales, Chinese tariffs, OSHA inspections, crumb rubber bills, healthcare, and more. Bring your questions and be ready to engage in the conversation!

Presenters: Dr. Roy Littlefield, Executive Director, Tire Industry Association; Roy Littlefield, IV, Director of Government Affairs, Tire Industry Association


Management at 2: Servicing the Next Generation of Consumers and Vehicles - 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
(Location: South Hall - S115)

What is the tire and vehicle service industry going to look like in 5 or 10 years? How will retailers attract and retain customers when the next generation of consumers have the majority of the buying power? What types of tire, maintenance and repair services will be necessary when the next generation of vehicles hits the road? This session will answer these questions and more as TIA Senior Vice President of Training Kevin Rohlwing looks at the demands of consumers and technology over the next decade. 

Presenter: Kevin Rohlwing, Senior Vice President of Training, Tire Industry Association