Leverage Social Media to Improve Your Bottom Line

Boost Your Web Presence through Social Media

The right website showcases your business’s products and services while providing the right tools to help a website visitor make an educated purchase decision.

But a website is merely an extension of your web presence. 

Perhaps the biggest Internet marketing faux pas tire dealers and independent automotive businesses make is not actively trying to reach customers through other channels available through the Internet, and even worse, not actively using those channels correctly.

You wouldn’t start using a wheel balancer before you understood how to operate it, would you? So why would you try to navigate the Information Superhighway without a map?

Tip: Once you decide to take advantage of social media, choose your tools wisely. It’s more important to have a strong presence in one outlet than it is to have a weak presence on multiple channels.

Keep Up With Social Media Trends

One social media mistake people make is ignoring the fact that social media changes every day. It ebbs, evolves, and expands as customers discover new businesses, new trends, and new products. Keep up with these trends. It takes a lot less effort to make small changes weekly than to start from scratch once you realize you’ve fallen behind. Think of the satisfaction you’ll get when a customer tells you they found your business on Facebook (or Twitter or Google+).

No matter what channel you use, know that if you don’t engage your audience, they won’t feel connected to you, and ultimately this audience will dwindle and be less likely to turn into in-store sales.

Tip: Add in-store promotions into a social media cycle of videos, images, questions, and fun facts.

Know Your Audience

Unless you’re engaging customers, they’ll move away from your page and onto your competition.

Who are your customers? How old are they? What do they want?

Once you’ve got a handle on the needs of your demographic, you can help these potential customers find exactly what they’re looking for. Remember: consumers’ requirements for pulling the trigger on a purchase are always changing, and so should the ways you present your products and services. Make consumers look forward to your posts. Make your content instantly shareable.

Tip: Get to know your audience—really know them. Where are they coming from? What do they love? And, of course, what are they searching for?

Social media is like building a lifelong relationship. You target that special someone, get to know them, engage them with your wit (or in your case, your extensive tire inventory and top notch services), and continue that rapport through the right channels.

It costs 6–7 times more to acquire a new customer than retain an existing one, says Bain & Company.

So keep your customers engaged with social media and they might just keep adding to your bottom line.

About the Author:

Lindsay Roth is a copywriter at Net Driven. To learn more, please visit www.getnetdriven.com