TIA continues to actively lobby Congressional members to save LIFO. We are very active in the LIFO coalition and have been conducting visits on the Hill to express to members the importance of keeping this accounting system alive for tax purposes.

We are fortunate that LIFO was saved in the tax reform package and no changes were made to the accounting system. But as budget discussions continue and infrastructure funding options continue to be looked at, it is important that we let our elected officials know how important this issue is for many businesses in the tire industry.

Repeal of LIFO would hurt TIA members and other American businesses. It would significantly hinder the competitiveness of U.S. businesses in the worldwide marketplace by placing a significantly increased tax liability on those companies that use LIFO.

The majority of the businesses using the LIFO inventory method are organized in the form of pass- through entities, such as partnerships or S corporations. The real owners of these entities are taxed at individual tax rates. Any reduction in corporate income tax rates that might accompany a repeal of LIFO would not provide any offsetting relief for pass-through entities. Should this proposal be enacted, the consequences for LIFO taxpayers would be more devastating than any other change to the tax rules.

The “new revenue” that is touted by supporters of LIFO repeal comes in the way of retroactive taxes. Businesses using LIFO would have to pay retroactive income taxes on deferments they took while using LIFO in the past. Unlike ANY other tax expenditures that have been discussed for elimination, repealing LIFO is the only proposal that would require a business owner to pay taxes retroactively.

Any proposed tax rate reductions would not compensate LIFO taxpayers for the damaging effects to their businesses. Taking LIFO reserves and turning them into taxable income, even spaced out over time, would wreak havoc on cash flows, capital reserves, expansion opportunities and job creation for American businesses using this method of accounting.

Saving LIFO remains a top priority for TIA.