National General Benefits Solutions

The Tire Industry Association has formed an alliance with National General Benefits Solutions to offer all its members flexible group health insurance plans that are tailored for small to mid-size businesses. The program is designed to be affordable, effective, and secure!

With the high costs of health care premiums, it has become difficult to provide strong health benefits for employees at affordable rates. National General provides innovative solutions to help members gain better control of their health care expenses. Whether you have 2 or 200 employees, National General has valuable options specific to your needs. The program options include:

• Core Value Plan - a reference based pricing plan, meaning it pays providers based on a multiple of the Medicare reimbursement rate*, regardless of the billed amount. There are no networks associated with this plan and members have the freedom to use any provider they choose. Core Value’s rates are often lower than traditional self-funded plans, and that helps you save on your monthly costs.

• Core Value Flex - a new level-funded reference-based pricing option that allows you to choose a reference-based pricing plan with the option of switching to a PPO network mid-year - without a change in your monthly payment.

For more information and to receive a free quote, please contact Dave Zielasko  / 800.876.8372 x 102. 

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