Spanish TPMS Video Training Kit

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TIA’s Spanish TPMS Training Program is designed to provide
technicians with a basic understanding of how different types of systems
interact with the vehicle. It also includes the various types of service
that technicians will need to perform in order to maintain the system.
Since most TPMS utilize a valve stem sensor and many include run-flat
tires, special attention is given to the step-by-step procedures for handling
these assemblies.

The Spanish TPMS Training Program also covers recalibration guidelines for many
popular models and includes an appendix with relearn summaries and installation
torque values for valve stem sensors. Each kit includes a 50-minute Video
and DVD as well as a 120-page workbook that one technician can use to
receive a TIA Certificate of Completion.

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• Student Workbook must be ordered for every technician going through the Training Program.

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