TIA Educational Sessions - Global Tire Expo / SEMA Show

Tire Industry Association - Educational Sessions
Tuesday, October 31st and Wednesday, November 1st

Las Vegas Convention Center - South Hall



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TPMS at 10: Next Generation of TPMS Tools - 10:00 am – 11:00 am
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The TPMS tool industry has come a long way since the days of magnets and activation devices. In the last decade, the capability of electronic TPMS tools has continuously advanced but there were still instances where the vehicle had to be serviced by the new car dealer. With each new update and upgraded model, the functionality has increased yet some obstacles remain in place. This panel of electronic TPMS tool manufacturers will discuss how they are adapting to new technology so they can meet growing needs of automotive service providers.   

Presenters: Dave Spinney, ATEQ, Aftermarket Sales Manager USA; Scot Holloway, Bartec-USA, CEO; Harlan Seigel, Diagnostics Launch Tech USA, Vice President; Duane Watson, Technical Trainer, Robert Bosch USA

Moderator: Matthew White, Director of Tire Service, Tire Industry Association


Truck Tires at 10: Jacking and Lifting Trucks and Trailers - 10:00 am – 11:00 am
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According to a recent OSHA survey, the leading cause of workplace fatalities in the truck maintenance and service industry is a vehicle falls on the employee. It’s the type of accident where the technician rarely walks away and based on the information from OSHA, it appears that many of the fatalities could have been prevented. This session will address the basic safety guidelines for using jacks, jack stands and cribbing material on trucks and trailers.

Presenters: Ken Siverts, Norco Industries, VP of Sales

Moderator: Kevin Rohlwing, Senior Vice President of Training, Tire Industry Association


Tires at 2: Successful Tire Dealers Share Their Secrets - 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm
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Winning a national award from an industry trade publication is an honor that is always well-deserved. The criteria to be a candidate requires a higher level of excellence, so winning truly represents the best that the tire industry has to offer. We’ve invited the Modern Tire Dealer Tire Dealer of the Year, the Tire Business Humanitarian Award winner, and the Tire Review Top Shop to make brief presentations on what makes them successful and then participate in an informative question and answer session with the audience.




ATS at 10: The Art of Balancing - 10:00 am – 11:00 am
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In the old days of tire and wheel balancing, the biggest challenges for technicians were selecting the right type of wheel weight and finding top dead center so the numbers would come up 0.00 on a consistent basis. It was a simple and fast process with few surprises. Fast forward to 2017 and balancing has surpassed the “hang two weights and come up 0.00’s” era to one where the growing need for tape weights creates a situation where the balance is only as good as the machine and the technician. Tire and wheel balancing is becoming an art as the design changes in wheels require a higher level of understanding with today’s tire balancers. Join a panel of balancing experts who will provide their thoughts on the steps that technicians can take to improve the quality and performance of every tire balance.

Presenters: David Feliciano, Corghi-USA, Sales Manager; Jon Barganier, Allpart Supply, Haweka USA, Vice President Sales and Marketing; Grey Meyer, Product Manager of Balancers, Hunter Engineering

Moderator: Matthew White, Director of Tire Service, Tire Industry Association


Truck Tires at 10: Truck Tire Service after 7 Years of CSA - 10:00 am – 11:00 am
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Seven years ago, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) introduced the Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) program in order to improve commercial vehicle safety by holding motor carriers and accountable for their roles in highway safety. By most accounts, CSA has had a positive impact on safety while changing the way that trucks and trailers are maintained and serviced. This session will discuss recent changes to CSA and how the scores are developed as well as reported. In the hands of the right commercial tire service provider, CSA has become a valuable tool that dealers are using to increase revenue. Come learn about how the methodology behind CSA is having a profound effect on the commercial tire service industry. 

Presenters: Kevin Rohlwing, Senior Vice President of Training, Tire Industry Association


TIA’s 2017 Legislative Review: How has President Trump and the Republicans in Congress impacted the Tire Industry - 12:00 pm – 1:00pm
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Donald J. Trump is now President of the United States of America. The President thus far has used executive orders to address Obamacare, cutting regulations, boosting energy exploration, and adopting a far more aggressive trade-enforcement posture. What does this mean for the tire industry and how have things changed in Washington? Find out the issues that are positively and negatively impacting your business.  

The review will take a look at the activities of President Trump and the Republican Congress thus far in 2017 and an outlook for what is to come for the rest of the year, next year, and throughout the President’s term. At the session, TIA will distribute legislative materials, answer questions, and provide an overview of the legislative climate moving forward and the opportunities TIA members have to stay informed and get involved with issues that will affect their bottom line.  

A variety of pending issues and legislation will be addressed in this session including tax reform, LIFO repeal, Estate Tax, Marketplace Fairness (internet sales), taxes under infrastructure funding, IRS audits, used tire sales, Chinese tariffs, healthcare, and more. Bring your questions and be ready to engage in the conversation! 

Presenters: Stuart Gosswein Sr. Director, Federal Government Affairs, SEMA; Dr. Roy Littlefield, Executive Director, Tire Industry Association; Roy Littlefield, IV, Director of Government Affairs


Management at 2: Growing Your Tire Business in the Millennial Age - 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
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Millennial consumers drive fewer miles and have very different expectations of a quality buying experience. Join Matt Winslow, from ATI, to learn how to re-engineer your shop's culture to staff your store with top performing team members AND grow your customer base with today's most important consumers, millennials.

Presenter: Matt Winslow, Senior Instructor, Automotive Training Institute (ATI)

Moderator: Kevin Rohlwing, Senior Vice President of Training, Tire Industry Association