TIA Issues Position Statement Regarding the Use of Crumb Rubber

Bowie, Md. – The Tire Industry Association (TIA) announced that it has issued a position statement regarding the use of crumb rubber. The statement was developed by the Association’s Environmental Advisory Council (EAC).

Recently, the benefits of recycling scrap tires have become clouded by media claims that recycled rubber may be harmful to people and the environment. TIA’s EAC conducted an extensive review of the testing performed in the United States and overseas regarding the health and environmental effects of using crumb rubber. The EAC found that in every evaluation, researchers reached the same conclusion: Crumb rubber used in artificial turf or as a playground surface poses no significant health or environmental risk.

“Each of these studies validated the position that crumb rubber poses no significant health or environmental risk. For this reason, the EAC and TIA support the continued use of crumb rubber in synthetic turf, athletic fields and playgrounds as well as other product applications,” said TIA Executive Vice President Roy Littlefield.

TIA is concerned about the health and safety of consumers who use recycled tire products and encourages consumers to know the facts about recycled rubber. The Association and its members continue to welcome and support all additional scientific research.

The position statement can be viewed on the TIA website.