TIA Passes Resolution Supporting Right to Repair

BOWIE, Md. – The Tire Industry Association membership overwhelmingly approved a resolution renewing support of what’s commonly known as Right to Repair legislation Act during the group’s annual Membership Meeting Oct. 31, 2022, in Las Vegas.

The Right to Equitable and Professional Auto Industry Repair (REPAIR) Act (H.R. 6570) would preserve consumer access to high quality, affordable vehicle repair by ensuring that vehicle owners and independent repair shops have equal access to repair and maintenance tools and data as car companies and licensed dealerships.

TIA deems current law inadequate to address the growing competitive concerns created by new vehicle technology that controls virtually every function of the vehicles from brakes, to steering, to air bags, to fuel delivery, to theft protection and tire pressure.

The resolution states TIA will support the REPAIR Act and continue to explore other options for federal legislation that would support the motor vehicle owner’s right to repair. In addition, it urges the authorizing committees within Congress to consider the REPAIR Act.

TIA plans to work with the Federal Trade Commission on future legislation to ensure that independent repair facilities have access to vehicle information and to ensure the consumer ability to choose the repair facility of their choice.

Right to Repair remains a top priority for TIA members and a national law would provide for much needed clarity and direction in vehicle repair.

With its passage, the resolution will be added to all other resolutions adopted by the association previously to dictate association policy. In addition, it will be forwarded to the TIA membership, to related industry associations, tire manufacturers and to all 435 members of the House of Representatives and to the 100 United States senators.