TIA Points Out the Most Important Tire Safety Tip For All Drivers During National Car Care Month

(Bowie, MD - 4/2/2018) – The Tire Industry Association (TIA), a leader in tire education and safety, will participate in April’s National Car Care Month by helping all drivers understand the importance of maintaining the proper tire inflation pressure including other important tire safety tips.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, nearly 11,000 tire-related car crashes occur in the United States. Underinflated tires can lead to tire blowouts, flat tires, or the tread coming off. Throughout the month of April, The Tire Industry Association will focus on educating all drivers on the importance of keeping tires properly inflated while highlighting other important aspects of tire maintenance safety tips. With properly inflated tires all drivers will experience the following:

  • Increased Safety on the Road – Reducing accidents caused by blowouts and flat tires
  • Better Gas Mileage – Saving you up to 11 cents per gallon on fuel
  • Longer Lifetime of Tires – Will extend the tread-life of tires by thousands of miles with regular rotation

The social media campaign will run the entire month of April and will help every driver have a better understanding on maintaining properly inflated tires. Follow @TheTireIndustry or #NationalCarCareMonth on Twitter to join in on the conversation.


About Tire Industry Association: The Tire Industry Association (TIA), with a 98-year history representing all segments of the national and international tire industry, is the leading advocate, as well as, instructor in technical training of tire service technicians. For more information, visit www.tireindustry.org or call 800-876-8372. Follow us on Twitter | Facebook | Instagram.