TIA sets 2020 CTS Instructor Training Dates and Locations

BOWIE, Md. – The Tire Industry Association (TIA) will hold four Commercial Tire Service (CTS) Instructor Training and Certification courses in Baltimore and Denver in 2020.

The 400-level certified CTS training courses cover all aspects of commercial tire service including OSHA standards, mounting/demounting, wheel installation and torque, road service, balance and repair.

Students passing the course will be certified to instruct TIA’s 300-Level Certified Technician Course in the field.

The training courses for Baltimore will be held Feb. 4-7 and Nov. 17-20. The classes in Denver are scheduled for April 14-17 and Aug. 18-21.

Classes begin at 1:00 p.m. EST on the first day. However, students with fewer than two years of experience servicing truck tires can sign up for an early session that morning, from 8:00 a.m. – noon, where they will physically mount and demount a tire and install and remove a wheel assembly from a truck using impact and torque wrenches.

For more information, including registration and locations of the training facility and hotel, please visit: www.tireindustry.org or contact Christine Hoogenboom  | 800.876.8372 x 106. Within a week of registering, students will receive an email confirmation from TIA.


About Tire Industry Association: The Tire Industry Association (TIA), with a 100-year history representing all segments of the national and international tire industry, is the leading advocate as well as instructor in technical training of tire service technicians. For more information, visit www.tireindustry.org or call 800-876-8372.

TIA Mission Statement: The mission of TIA is to promote tire safety through training and education, to act as the principle advocate in government affairs and to enhance the image and professionalism of the industry so that our member businesses may be more successful.