TIA Submits Comments on OSHA Proposal to Make Injury and Illness Data Available to the Public

Bowie, Md. –  The Tire Industry Association’s (TIA’s), has sent comments via electronic submission to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Docket Office regarding a proposal from OSHA to “Improve Tracking of Workplace Injuries and Illnesses” in part by making the data available to the public. 

The proposed rule would require “electronic” submission of injury and illness data from employers that are already required to maintain the information under existing OSHA regulations in three specific instances: 1) establishments with 250 or more employees would be required to file data on quarterly basis, 2) establishments with 20 or more employees would be required to submit information from the OSHA annual summary form (form 300A) on an annual basis and 3) employers who receive notification from OSHA to submit specified information from their Part 1904 injury and illness records. These electronic submissions would then be accessible by the public via the OSHA website.

In the comments, TIA Senior Vice President of Training Kevin Rohlwing states, “while TIA supports OSHA’s laudable goal of promoting safe and healthy working conditions for American workers, we would like to register our strong opposition to the rule as proposed and suggest that the Agency withdraw this proposal.”

TIA expressed concern with the conceptual methodology underlying the rule and the economic costs associated with compliance. OSHA has estimated the additional economic costs of $183 per year for establishments with 250 or more employees. TIA believes this figure is significantly underestimated and provides its own estimate of $2064 that was calculated based on data submitted from a TIA member. 

In its comments, TIA also included answers to numerous questions that the Agency has raised regarding the proposal. The full document can be viewed here.