The Tire Industry Association is committed to providing educational services that will evolve with technology. From training and certification for experienced employees to basic training for new hires, TIA offers programs that can be utilized by large and small companies throughout the tire industry. TIA also offers a wide range of reference materials and training aids to allow members to customize the training to meet their needs.

TIA offers Basic Training (200 Level) for automotive, commercial, farm, earthmover and industrial tire service. Every employee in the shop requires basic training, and TIA can help by offering a variety of programs that are easily accessible and designed to meet minimum federal training standards. The 200 Level series is directed toward new hires and experienced employees that need documented proof of training or a refresher course. All TIA Training and Certificate Programs have provisions for students to receive a TIA Certificate of Completion once they successfully complete the final test. Basic Level Training is available in DVD/Workbook format as well as in a convenient and accessible format on the TIA Online University. 

Certified Tire Service Training is available for automotive and commercial tire service.  TIA Certified Technician Programs (300 Level) are unparalleled in the industry. Students that successfully complete this program series must participate in a training seminar conducted by a TIA Certified Instructor and demonstrate a level of understanding by achieving a passing score on the final exam. Once the technicians complete this process, they receive an ATS or CTS certificate and uniform patches. This level is designed for the experienced technician.  The Certified Instructor Series (400 Level) is the most advanced level of training TIA has to offer. Certified Instructor Programs are conducted in a training center and reflect leading-edge technology. The combination of classroom instruction, hands-on participation and demonstrations creates a unique learning environment for students with varying levels of experience. TIA’s Certified Instructor Program improves the image of the tire and wheel service industry by creating a network of professionals to educate technicians.

TIA offers fleet training that fulfills the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Regulation 29 CFR 1910.177 requirement for documented training for all employees that handle truck tires and wheels in any way.

Advanced Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) training is also available. This program is designed to give the experienced technician more in-depth information regarding the identification, maintenance, reprogramming, and diagnostic procedures for TPMS.

Another aspect of TIA’s educational services can be found in the numerous reference materials available. TIA has a wide range of products that can serve as important tools during training, including data books, wall charts, labels, reference books and videos. TIA members receive significant discounts. Products may be purchased online or by downloading an order form.

Training employees increases the level of safety in your business, reduces liability and improves your profits. Your customers expect quality products and service with safety in mind. You can make a difference in setting the standards for competence and professionalism by training your employees. As a member of TIA, you can take advantage of discounted opportunities to make that difference.  Join the more than 100,000 tire technicians that have been trained and/or certified by TIA and start your training today.

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