Weekly Legislative Update - October 1, 2018

Senate Failure To Take Up Tax Extenders, BEAT Repeal, And Florence WOTC Delays Action Till After Election
On September 26, the House passed and sent to the President the Conference Report on HR 5167 making appropriations for the Departments of Defense, Labor, HHS, and Education for Fiscal Year 2019.  President Trump has said he will sign the bill.
The bill includes $18 million for state WOTC administration in FY 2019.
Passage of this second minibus means 75 percent of government agencies' funding will be enacted before October 1-a milestone that assures  no government shutdown.
The minibus bills were clean of taxes so we've pushed amending a "must-do" measure, FAA reauthorization (HR 302), which is not only a tax bill but a vehicle for a number of diverse add-ons, including disaster relief, Syria, maritime and transportation security, and a larger credit agency for US firms engaged in construction projects abroad.
FAA reauthorization was written in the Senate, but unfortunately Senator Hatch couldn't find a way to convene the Senate Finance Committee to mark up an amendment dealing with tax extenders, Hurricane Florence WOTC, and BEAT repeal in time to get the amendment into the FAA bill. 
FAA is now before the House and there's an even chance the House may agree to extend FAA authority only through December 7th instead of September 30, 2023 (which the Senate wants), so we may be able to use this bill again.  
A continuing resolution through December 7 will provide government funding for agencies not covered in either minibus, and Congress will return after the election when they cannot delay action on extenders any longer.

State Legislatures Respond to Wayfair Decision
South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc. has opened the door for state lawmakers to compel out-of-state online retailers to collect sales tax from consumers within their states. 

And the states are gearing up. In the short time since the Wayfair decision there has been over 160 bills in 39 states that pertain to online sales tax issues.

In one way or another, the Wayfair decision will impact large numbers of organizations, businesses and individuals. 
TIA will continue to monitor and track the state bills being considered.