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Off-the-Road Tire Conference Registration Fees

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Host Hotel Group Room-Block Closed.

Overflow Hotel Recommendations, Click on Property of Choice to Access Website:

The Element by Westin: (3 miles from the Red Rock)

Suncoast Hotel & Casino(3.2 miles from the Red Rock)

JW Marriott: (3.8 miles from the Red Rock)

Durango Casino & Resort: (8.6 miles from the Red Rock)


Email otr@tireindustry.org with questions.

Member Registration Fees*:

  Early Bird After February 9**
Delegate (conference attendee) $535 $685
Guest (meal functions only) $425 $585

* Must be a member in good standing to receive the member rate. Registrations submitted with lapsed membership will not be approved.


Non-Member Registration Fees:

  Early Bird After February 9**
Delegate (conference attendee) $1,035 $1,185
Guest (meal functions only) $925 $1,085

**An additional fee of $50 will apply to all registrations received after February 9, 2024.


Thursday, February 22: Optional Leisure Program Registration Fees:

  Early Bird After September 13
Golf Tournament: Sold Out Waitlist Only $150 $175
Club Rental $65 $75
Red Rock Tour: Sold Out Waitlist Only $125 $150
Bowling Tournament: Limited $50 $65

Conference Registration Guidelines:

  • This registration is for the Off-the-Road Tire Conference only. Hotel accommodations and airport transfers are not included.
  • You must be a member in good standing to receive the member rate. Registrations processed with lapsed membership will be reclassified to non-member status and charged accordingly.
  • Once your conference registration is approved and paid in full, you will receive a private Group Room-Block reservation link for the host hotel to secure hotel accommodations.
  • Definition of Delegate Registration: A person employed by a tire industry related company. Registration includes general sessions, tabletop viewings, breakout sessions, meal functions, access to the conference app, and the printed conference attendee directory (leisure activities additional cost).
  • Definition of Guest Registration: Guest of a registered conference delegate. Registration includes access to meal functions and tabletop viewings ONLY. Guests MUST be registered for the conference to attend any meal function, tabletop viewing, or leisure activity (leisure activities additional cost), no exceptions.
  • Enter your name and title or position as you want them to appear in conference materials.
  • Each registered delegate must have a unique email address to receive conference communications and access the app. No exceptions.
  • Registrations received after January 5, 2024, are non-refundable and will not appear in the Conference Directory or app.

  • Email questions to otr@tireindustry.org.

Many questions can be found on the Registration FAQ page.

QUESTIONS? Contact TIA at otr@tireindustry.org 

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