Commercial Tire Service

Tire Safety Starts with Trained Technicians!

TIA offers a variety of training for new hires, as well as experienced tire technicians. Our CTS programs cover all aspects of commercial truck tire service and can be delivered online or in person, with hands-on instruction.

Keep your techs safe, customers happy and better your business with TIA’s Commercial Tire Service Training.

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Certified Commercial Tire Service (CTS) is designed for experienced employees with at least two years of hands-on experience. In addition to successful completion of the final exam, students must show proficiency in the shop by demonstrating the ability to perform various skills that must be witnessed and signed off on. Each student who successfully passes the course receives a Certificate and 13 Uniform Patches. Recertification is required every two years via an online exam. Certified 300 Level Technician courses must be conducted by a TIA 400 Level Instructor. These train-the-trainer classes are held throughout the US each year in several cities. Check out our Upcoming Classes to find an Instructor class near you!

Certified CTS consists of the following Modules:

  1. Introduction
  2. Tires
  3. Rims, Wheels & Hubs
  4. OSHA Regulations
  5. Road Service Safety
  6. Jacking & Lifting, Lock-Out/Tag-Out
  7. Tire/Wheel Inspection
  8. RIST
  9. Hub-Pilot Service
  10. Stud-Pilot Service
  11. Demountable Rim Service
  12. Single Piece Demount & Mount
  13. Single Piece Inflation
  14. Multi-Piece Demount & Mount
  15. Multi-Piece Inflation
  16. Balance & Run-Out
  17. Repair
  18. Charts & Tables
  19. USTMA Guidelines


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