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Wednesday, February 21, 2024  — Maximizing Growth Through Training


Legislation Impacting the OTR Tire Industry

In the polarizing 118th Congress, TIA has explored opportunities for bipartisan legislation that would beneficially affect the OTR tire industry. With an approaching election, TIA explores the opportunities that still lie ahead. Roy Littlefield IV, Vice President of Government Affairs, TIA will provide a federal and state update on the latest legislative and regulatory activities that will shape the future of the OTR tire industry.


Tire Chain Selection and Maintenance

Tire chains can be very effective at lowering operating costs in the right applications when they are properly selected, installed and maintained. The presenters consist of: Al Atkinson, North America Product Manager TPC Division of Pewag Chain Inc; Fatih Sedele, CEO of Las Zirh Tire Chains; and Brian Cohn, President of OTRUSA.com. They will discuss the process of selecting the correct chains and how regular maintenance is necessary to ensure they can perform without causing excessive damage to the tire. 


Live OTR Tire Service Demonstration

Matt White, Director of Off-Road Tire Service, TIA will take attendees into the field for a live demonstration of OTR tire and wheel service where they can see what it takes to service the largest assemblies on earth. 


OTR Tire Service Accident Analysis

There have been an unacceptable number of serious injuries and fatalities related to OTR tire and wheel service over the past year. Attendees will be joined by a panel which consists of: Jeff Faubion, Compliance Specialist of Bridgestone Americas Inc.; Roy Galyer, Training Manager of KLINGE; and Russ Devens, Director- Safety & Risk Management of McCarthy Tire Service. This panel of industry safety and training experts will analyze the common mistakes that were made and how they can be avoided.


Thursday, February 22, 2024 — Maximizing Growth Through Industry Insight


The Current and Future Outlook for Off-the-Road Tires

Navigate the OTR tire industry's future with insights on regional markets, North American applications, key trends, manufacturing competitiveness, and the impact of sustainability. This session is presented by Ciaran Little, VP, Americas & Asia Pacific Information Division, Smithers. Explore upcoming opportunities and challenges shaping the industry's trajectory.


Everything You Need to Know About OTR Retreading

Retreading plays a huge role in the OTR tire industry, but very few people have actually been to a retread plant to witness it firsthand. The session will be moderated by David Stevens, Managing Director of the Tire Retread Information Bureau, and on the panel are OTR retreader experts: Michael Berra, President of Community Tire Retreading; Rusty Hatten, Operations/Sales of H&H Industries; Darryl Moore, Director Remanufacturing and Sustainability, Kal Tire; Mike Jacobsen, Vice President of Manufacturing, Purcell Tire, and James John, President of Shrader Retreading- A Division of Craft Tire Inc. They will guide attendees on a video tour of the different retread processes and the massive equipment that is required to retread the largest tires on earth.


 Friday, February 23, 2024 - Maximizing Growth Through Professional Development


Premium Products and Solutions for a Safe Tire Ecosystem

This session, presented by Carlos Sepulveda, Off-The-Road Training Manager, Bridgestone, will go in-depth on how intelligent products, integrated technologies, and best-in-class service are key in achieving a sustainable and safe tire ecosystem. It will highlight its latest product offerings, solutions, and technologies and how its suite of solutions helps prevent downtime, improve safety, and maximize productivity. 

Front-Row Success: How Top Performers Never Settle for Balcony Seats

How do you motivate your employees to show up and give their best effort every day?

Marilyn Sherman, Founder of UpFront Presentations, will have you walking away ready to implement success strategies based on the S.E.A.T. of Success formula: SEE the desired outcome. Top performers know that success begins with a clear, articulated vision. Be ENERGY-focused on your vision. Instead of focusing on time management to accomplish what you want, focus instead on Energy Management. ATTITUDE adjustment. We all know that people do business with people they know, like and trust. People with a positive, optimistic attitude are MORE likely to be trusted and certainly liked by others. TENACITY at MAX Capacity when faced with adversity. There are obstacles all along the path to the front-row.

Opportunity Rocks®
During this session, you will explore the power of ambitious goals, Steve Jobs' unique business model, enduring team success essentials, strategic rule-breaking, creating raving fans, and effective leadership in times of change. Elevate your leadership skills and performance with rock star insights from Mark Kamp, Author, Speaker, and Entrepreneur. 

Dream Big and Never Quit

Rudy Ruettiger, author, and motivational speaker, will discuss his ten insights for winning in life. This presentation will give you a source of positive thoughts and inspiration that you can apply to your lives both on and off the job.  Creating stronger individuals with a positive mindset raises the bar and creates a stronger team in the workplace to accomplish the company's common goals. Rudy has a warm, compassionate spirit and has dedicated his life to inspiring others never to give up.  He offers them hope by helping them to believe in themselves and realize that anything is possible. 

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