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TirePAC is the bipartisan political action committee for the Tire Industry Association. TirePAC is an important part of TIA’s overall advocacy efforts because it provides our members a tangible means to support candidates who support the tire industry in Congress.

TirePAC helps to ensure the election and re-election of officials who are friendly to the tire industry, as well as establish and maintain solid relationships with elected officials who support the interests of the tire industry. TirePAC allows each member of TIA to be heard more effectively on Capitol Hill.

TirePAC strives to get more tire industry professionals involved in politics. Just think, if every eligible member of TIA contributed only $25 to TirePAC, we could raise more than $150,000 to give to members of Congress who work for the best interests of the tire industry. Your contribution can help TIA introduce important legislation on issues related to taxes, labor, health care, transportation and more.

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