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The combination of TIA and Today’s Class ensures that best safety practices acquired through 200 or 300 instructor-led training are retained and applied by continually reinforcing these in an engaging and effective manner. The mobile training platform uses artificial intelligence to identify and eliminate any knowledge gaps by delivering TIA-approved training in 5-minute daily sessions,  having ZERO impact on productivity and a measurable impact on worker safety.

Today’s Class is a provider of technician training with over 20 years of experience. In addition to TIA specific content the Today’s Class Technician platform includes ASE-accredited core curriculums addressing all manner of light, medium, and heavy-duty vehicle systems.

Supports Your Team

  • Relevant
    • Targeted curriculum resolves weakness and reinforces strengths
  • Easy to Access (3 – 5 minutes on daily basis)
    • No consequence to productivity
  • Self-directed Extra Training
    • References and videos available in Discover Zone
  • TIA 200 & 300 + ASE Aligned
    • Prepares techs and eases test anxiety
  • Learning Culture
    • Frequent, fun engagement drives continuous learning

Today's Class

Supports Your Business

  • 5 minutes daily - No productivity impact
  • Techs get a uniquely targeted learning path
  • Reinforces knowledge and drives retention
  • Promotes a daily culture of continuous improvement
  • Metrics / Data
    • Easy-to-use analytics with custom reports
    • Provides real-time views of current competencies
    • Supports gap-driven coaching / mentoring
    • Enables targeted spend for instructor-led training
    • Measures ROI against defined business KPI’s
    • All user activity is time stamped and tracked
    • Robust API suite facilitates export of any data
    • Infinitely scalable with tiered access

Available Content

  • TIA Commercial Tire Service
  • TIA Automotive Tire Service (coming soon)
  • ASE A1 – A9
  • ASE T1 – T8
  • Safety, Sales, Communications, and Soft Skills

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