Tire Industry Association Unveils 2024 Training Schedule: Elevating Expertise Across the U.S.

  • Release Date: December 11, 2023

BOWIE, Md. – The Tire Industry Association (TIA) is excited to present its dynamic 2024 Training Schedule, offering specialized programs to enrich skills and knowledge within the tire industry.

Kicking off the year is the Automotive Tire Service Advanced Instructor 400 Level Tour, featuring 18 modules covering vital aspects of tire and wheel service. From safety practices to advanced techniques in tire maintenance, the program provides step-by-step procedures for comprehensive industry knowledge.

Key Dates and Locations for ATS Adv. Instructor 400 Level Classes:

  • March 19-22: Los Angeles
  • May 21-24: Detroit
  • Aug 27-30: Seattle
  • Oct (TBD): Louisville
  • Nov (TBD): Charlotte
  • Dec (TBD): Baltimore

The Commercial Tire Service 400 Level Tour dives into essential practices like jacking, lifting, and in-depth tire and wheel inspections. Covering Rapid Installation and Service Techniques (RIST) and adhering to U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association (USTMA) guidelines, the program equips professionals with advanced skills.

Key Dates and Locations for CTS Inst. 400 Level Classes:

  • April 9-12: Brooksville, FL
  • May 14-17: Youngstown, OH
  • Sept 10-13: Youngstown, OH
  • Dec 3-6: Brooksville, FL

The Advanced Earthmover Tire Service 200 level class offers specialized training in service truck operation, equipment lifting, hydraulic tool operation, and more. Professionals gain hands-on experience in servicing one, three, and five-piece tires on and off the machine.

Key Dates and Locations for Adv. ETS 200 Level Classes:

  • April 16-19: Brooksville, FL
  • May 21-24: Youngstown, OH
  • Sept 17-20: Youngstown, OH
  • Dec 10-13: Brooksville, FL

The TIA Earthmover Tire Service Instructor 400 level class provides advanced instruction, covering safety guidelines, speed restrictions, and hands-on training in demounting, mounting, and inflating tubeless OTR tires on various rims.

Key Date and Location for ETS Inst. 400 Level Class:

  • Aug 13-16: Garner, IA

The Advanced Farm Tire Service training focuses on service truck operation, equipment lifting, and hydraulic tool operation. Professionals gain expertise in single-piece and dual tire demounting, mounting, and inflation on and off the machine.

Key Date and Location for Adv. FTS 200 Level Class:

  • June 11-14: Garner, IA

TIA partners with MOHR Retail to bring Leadership training to the tire industry. The program covers leadership styles, communication, performance expectations, and effective supervision.

Key MOHR Retail Program Dates:

  • March 6 - April 24: Retail Tire Store Leadership (RTSL)
  • Oct 2 - Nov 20: Commercial Tire Store Leadership (CTSL)
  • Sept 10 - Oct 8: Retail Multiunit Leadership (RML)

TIA's Training Schedule for 2024 is a unique opportunity for tire industry professionals to elevate their expertise. For registration and details, visit Overview - Tire Industry Association.