TIA Announces Inaugural Marvin Bozarth ETS Technician of the Year Award

  • Release Date: February 21, 2024

Las Vegas, NV. - In a momentous announcement at the 2024 OTR Tire Conference, Tire Industry Association (TIA) President, Keith Jarman, unveiled plans to honor the legacy of industry pioneer Marvin Bozarth by establishing the Marvin Bozarth ETS Technician of the Year award.

Reflecting on the industry's journey to enhance its image, Jarman recounted the beginning of TIA's tire technician training program, a vision championed by Marvin Bozarth over 30 years ago. Bozarth's hands-on approach and dedication to technician education laid the groundwork for what has become TIA's renowned training and certification platform.

"We want to celebrate the technicians who are out there servicing OTR tires and wheels," Jarman stated. "It is my honor to announce that TIA will be recognizing the Marvin Bozarth ETS Technician of the Year at next year’s conference."

Eligibility for the prestigious award requires TIA membership and completion of the 200-Level Commercial Tire Service (CTS) and Earthmover Tire Service (ETS) programs. Each TIA member company will have the opportunity to nominate one OTR technician, with finalists selected by the TIA Board of Directors and the winner chosen by an anonymous committee comprising OTR manufacturers and suppliers.

"The winner will receive the rock star treatment they so richly deserve," Jarman emphasized. "TIA will cover their registration, hotel accommodations, travel expenses, and taxes, flying them and a guest to the 2025 OTR Tire Conference."

Jarman explained the importance of sponsorship in making the award possible, announcing his commitment as the first sponsor. Sponsorship opportunities are available for $1,000, with surplus funds allocated towards TIA training scholarships for the year, determined by the selection committee.

"Marvin was the strongest supporter of technician training and education in the early days," Jarman recalled. "With the support of the people in this room, we can honor his memory by recognizing an OTR technician who embodies everything that he stood for."

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