Advisory Councils

Electric Vehicle Advisory Council (EVAC)

Mission Statement: To identify procedures to safely service electric vehicles and to promote them through education and training to tire, automotive, and commercial service centers.

Environmental Advisory Council (EAC)

The EAC consists of industry experts from various disciplines that provide strategic information, advisory services, educational programs and government assistance that promote environmental awareness, economic viability and sustainable best practices for every aspect of the tire and rubber industry.

Historically, the EAC developed several best practices aimed at assisting the industry not only from an environment standpoint but also serving tire dealers and retailers operationally.

The goal of the EAC is to expand educational programs and play a leadership role in environmental and sustainability issues.

The mission of the EAC is to identify recycled manufactured products and environmentally sustainable practices within the tire and rubber industry and promote them through outreach (community, industry, stakeholder) and education.

The EAC discusses environmentally sustainable practices and topics within the tire recycling industry. The EAC promotes sustainable practices.

In 2020, the EAC introduced an easy-to-use glossary of key reference terms and definitions used in the tire and rubber recycling industry. The guide, which also contains terms and definitions covering other tire segments, was developed to improve knowledge and communication and serve as a valuable resource for anyone working in the tire recycling industry. The glossary contains specific “core” terms that represent the foundation for scrap tire and rubber recycling and is not meant to be inclusive. Additional terms may be added to future publications as the industry changes. If you have any questions regarding the glossary please email Roy Littlefield IV.

In 2023, the EAC released a best management practice for creating Environmental Social and Governance Strategies (ESG’s). ESG’s are a framework that help stakeholders understand how an organization manages risks and opportunities around sustainability issues. It has been demonstrated that companies performing on ESG practices have higher financial growth, lower volatility, higher employee productivity, reduced regulatory and legal interventions, top-line growth and cost reductions. For reference and guidance, the EAC is providing the industry with an example/sample ESG statement template that can be seen HERE. There are various alternative templates for organizations to choose from when creating ESG’s and this example is not meant to be a fit for all.

Retail Advisory Council (RAC)

TIA's Retail Advisory Council (RAC) is comprised of North America's largest retail and commercial tire dealerships who help the Association form positions on legislative and regulatory issues that affect the tire industry. The Council develops consensus opinions that are forwarded to the TIA Board of Directors before the Association takes an official position in Washington. The Advisory Council meets with the National Highway Traffic & Safety Administration (NHTSA), members of Congress and tire manufacturers.