TIA's Fascinating History

Jan. 31 –
Feb. 2, 1921
The association was formed as the National Tire Dealers Association (NTDA) during a gathering of city tire associations in Chicago.
1926 NTDA adopts a Code of Ethics, including “Honest advertising with no trucks” and “Hearty cooperation with competitors.”
1935 NTDA reorganizes in New York City under the name National Association of Independent Tire Dealers (NAITD).
1944 NAITD moves its headquarters to Washington, D.C.
1955 NAITD changes its name to National Tire Dealers & Retreaders Association (NTDRA).
1956 NTDRA persuades Congress to drop the rate of the then-proposed federal excise tax on tread rubber from $1 to three cents per pound.
1956 The first NTDRA Off-the-Road Tire Conference is held in Cleveland, Ohio.
1957 Central States Retreaders’ Association is incorporated.
1964 Central States Retreaders Association is renamed the American Retreaders’ Association (ARA).
1982 Congress makes tire registration voluntary at the request of the NTDRA and others.
1983 NTDRA-commissioned study by Professor Louis E. Stern advises small independent dealerships to combine their purchasing and marketing operations to gain economies of scale in the increasingly competitive marketplace.
1984 Congress eliminates the 25-year-old excise tax on tread rubber in response to lobbying by the ARA, NTDRA and their allies.
1992 NTDRA launches first video/workbook Truck Tire Demounting/Demounting program.
1996 NTDRA sells its trade show to the Specialty Equipment Market Association.
1996 American Retreaders Association changes its name to the International Tire & Rubber Association (ITRA)
1997 NTDRA changes its name to Tire Association of North America (TANA).
2002 TANA and ITRA merge to become the Tire Industry Association.
2021 TIA celebrates its 100th anniversary in Las Vegas.