TIA's Electric Vehicle Advisory Council (EVAC) Gains Insight at Midtronics Headquarters

  • Release Date: May 02, 2024

Willowbrook, IL —The Tire Industry Association's (TIA) Electric Vehicle Advisory Council (EVAC) embarked on a knowledge-gathering mission at Midtronics, Inc.'s world headquarters in Willowbrook, IL, on April 25th. This visit signifies TIA's commitment to staying ahead of the latest developments in electric vehicle (EV) technologies.

Representatives from TIA’s EVAC, including Chairman, Mark Ferner, John Evankovich from Sam’s Club, and Glen Nicholson from Midas, and Government Affairs VP, Roy Littlefield IV, convened with over a dozen members of Midtronics' leadership team. The day was marked by an immersive experience aimed at deepening understanding of battery management solutions for EVs.

The agenda included a formal council meeting, a comprehensive facility tour, and an engaging presentation and demonstration led by the Midtronics EV Platform Team. The EVAC actively participated in on-site demonstrations, enriching their knowledge base on various aspects of EV technologies.

The day's discussions provided valuable insights into industry trends and emerging technologies, enhancing the EVAC's understanding of industry recommended practices and future opportunities in the electric vehicle sector.

"The EVAC sends our gratitude to Midtronics for the enlightening dive into the latest EV technology, enriching our understanding of these innovations and their potentials.” Said TIA Government Affairs VP, Roy Littlefield IV.

Midtronics, renowned for its innovative battery management solutions, showcased its expertise in lithium-ion battery service and maintenance for hybrid and electric vehicles. With a focus on advancing battery testing, charging, and management technologies, Midtronics continues to be a leader in shaping the future of the EV industry.

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